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Magnetic ring


Magnetic ring

The products include SMD0310, SMD0402, SMD0603, SMD0705, SMD1004, SMD1205 and other series. The plastic encapsulated inductors mainly include PK1012, PK1218, PK1315, PK1415, PK1618, PK1622 and other series. The products are widely used in mobile phones, mobile phone chargers, digital cameras, PDA handheld computers, laptops, LCD modules, televisions, etc.





RDM Paet No.





Arnold Part No. Magnetics Part No. Dongbu Part No. CSC Part No.
RS026-026A 26 21     S026-021A CS067026
RS026-060A 60 50 MS-026060-8 77271-A7 S026-050A CS067060
RS026-075A 75 62 MS-026075-8 77875-A7 S026-062A CS067075
RS026-090A 90 74 MS-026090-8 77874-A7 S026-074A CS067090
RS026-125A 125 103 MS-026125-8 77270-A7 S026-103A CS067125
RM026-026A 26 21 A-639021-8 55272-A2 M026-021A CM067026
RM026-060A 60 50 A-135050-8 55271-A2 M026-050A CM067060
RM026-125A 125 103 A-134103-8 55270-A2 M026-103A CM067125
RH026-026A 26 21 HF-026026-8 58272-A2 H026-021A CM067026
RH026-060A 60 50 HF-026060-8 58271-A2 H026-050A CH067060
RH026-125A 125 103 HF-026125-8 58270-A2 H026-103A CH067125