Meet in a Narrow Path Innovators Win Independent Innovation and Seek Development



In the field of electronic components, due to low technology content, low entry threshold, numerous manufacturing enterprises and fierce competition, middle and low-end products mainly rely on processing fees as the main profit source, and the profit level is low and vulnerable to cost changes and other factors. In addition, the industry mainly focuses on customization and only produces products in small batches for specific customers. Therefore, the market has high requirements on the production capacity, R&D and design capacity of enterprises. In contrast, medium and high-end products, as a supporting part of high-end electronic products, have higher added value and can maintain higher profit margins. Under the pressure of market competition, in recent years, powerful large enterprises in the industry have basically started to transform from OEM to ODM, thus obtaining higher profit margins.
Compared with other enterprises in the same industry in China, Crick Technology was founded in 2004. As an enterprise producing magnetic components and power products, it started late. However, throughout its founding history, the company has made great achievements along the way: it has been selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's electronic components issued by China Electronic Components Industry Association for five consecutive years, and its comprehensive strength in electronic transformer manufacturing is in the leading position in China; In 2010, it was awarded the title of "The Most Satisfied Power Supply Supplier Selected by Big Bit Information for the Third China Electronic Magnetic Components and Inductors"; In March 2011, it won the title of "Excellent Supplier" of Eaton, a world famous UPS power manufacturer; In February 2012, Kehua Hengsheng won the title of "Excellent Supplier"
According to a person in charge of the company, the most important reason for the rapid performance of Crick Technology is that the company has been positioned to follow the ODM route for many years. "If an enterprise wants to win, it must have its own 'trump card', that is, it must have its own independent technology."
To this end, Crick Technology has attached great importance to R&D investment for many years, and has established a R&D team of more than 100 people in cooperation with well-known universities and research institutes in China. After several years of efforts, Crick Technology has gained obvious advantages in product design and R&D, and can quickly solve various problems in application for customers. Its power supply business has achieved rapid growth in the field of network communication power supply and consumer power supply.