New innovative technologies will bring spring to the electronic component industry



Economists in the United States said that the vitality of Silicon Valley lies in its eternal entrepreneurial complex. These continuously newly established high-tech companies have significantly boosted the economic growth of the United States. According to Zhong Pengrong, an economist, entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories: entrepreneurs who divide wealth and entrepreneurs who create wealth. Then we can classify these entrepreneurs who are brave in innovation as the latter.

On January 4, 2015, the 3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Selection Activity of Zhongkai Hi tech Zone announced the list to be selected. It is understood that the selection of innovative and entrepreneurial talents is one of the six major projects of the District's "Triumph Talents Plan". In the competition, the selection of innovative and entrepreneurial talents team award will receive 300000 yuan of work subsidy, and the selection of innovative and entrepreneurial talents individual award will receive 200000 yuan of work subsidy. The author recently visited enterprises in the High tech Zone, interviewed individuals participating in the competition and listened to the stories of entrepreneurs. With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the electronic component industry also ushered in the spring of development.

From the perspective of subdivided fields, with the development of 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics, Internet of Things and other fields, the integrated circuit industry has entered a rapid development period, the scale of sports industry has been expanding, and the football field has become increasingly mature. Jinbaobo has brought broad development space for the industry development. "Where there is demand, there is market." TMG, manager of WA (electrical interface products) business development department of Hager Electric Co., Ltd., said that under the guidance of the "going global" strategy, TMG looked to the foreign market. "The company will arrange training for the team at home and abroad every year. We will go out to observe and learn new technologies and understand the customs and background of the country where the customer lives." Tmg said. Hager Electric focuses on R&D and sales of miniature circuit breakers, leakage protection switches and panel switches. 95% of its products are exported to Britain, Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa and other places. TMG and his team actively listen to customers' voices according to different living habits in different places. The Hagerblu series developed by his team in 2006 and the Visage series developed in 2009 won the international design award in the Australian Industrial Product Design Competition, and the Klik series products developed according to British standards won the gold medal in the British Industrial Product Design Competition in 2008.

"The problem of overcapacity in the electrical industry has become quite prominent in recent years. The industry is facing an urgent situation of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and innovation is the driving force for transformation and upgrading. At present, our team is moving in this direction." As a post-60s generation, TMG has the same entrepreneurial passion as the post-80s generation. He believes that the development of the company needs to do more optimization in terms of quality benefits, structural optimization and sustainable development, and change from low-cost competitive advantage to quality benefit competitive advantage. Just like the "3e" cultural spirit of Hager Electric: social responsibility, environmental protection and energy efficiency, this is the same direction as the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. "The development of the electronic component industry must closely follow the fast changing pace of the electronic information industry, otherwise it will not take a long time." TMG has a deep understanding of this. He believes that from the perspective of the current global industry distribution, the global leading manufacturers of magnetic components are mainly Japanese, European and American. Technological innovation has firmly occupied the market share of high-end electronic transformers. "But its opportunities and challenges coexist. The smart market has opened a new door for us. We will use 5% of sales as R&D funds, increase R&D efforts, and provide high-quality and highly reliable products for the market."