Talent concept


Talent concept

Both political integrity and ability, regardless of the style, make full use of the talents



Have both ability and political integrity

Talent is the capital of virtue; Virtue makes talent handsome. "Morality" -- having higher basic quality, "talent" -- basic ability to perform job responsibilities. As the ancients said, "A foot has its own weakness, an inch has its own strength, things are insufficient, and intelligence is unknown.". In selecting and appointing people, we do not seek to have both, but take virtue first, promote talents with virtue, and cultivate morality with talents. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, we should build a talent structure with both ability and morality.


Not to stick to one pattern

Innovate the concept of talents, and select talents regardless of their seniority. Constantly broaden the talent selection channels, find talents in practice, cultivate talents, exercise talents, boldly use talents, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, constantly develop and expand the talent team, and add stamina to the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Give full scope to the talents

People have their own merits and demerits, regardless of size. They give consideration to both ability and virtue, and accept both internal and external talents. Know people and do their best. Know talents with insight, love talents with zeal, use talents with magnanimity, show talents with courage and tolerance. Deeply explore the highlights of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, and integrate the talent resources of the enterprise to a large extent, so as to provide a strong impetus for the sustainable development of the enterprise and promote the enterprise to enter the fast lane of healthy development.


Make the most of it

Because of their material, we can judge their ability, use their strengths, and cover their weaknesses. Know people and be good at their duties, be only talented, be suitable for their posts, and be paid appropriately for their posts. With keen insight, find out the personality characteristics of each employee, use talents according to their abilities, put talents in the right position, and apply the advantages of employees to the right work, so that the wise are in their place, the capable are in their position, and each position is secure, and the strengths are developed to avoid weaknesses.