Hubei Ruiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells magnetic component materials. Founded in October 2007, the company is located in Liuhe Science and Technology Industrial Park with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, covering a total area of more than 20 mu. With the joint efforts of the company's management and all employees, the business is booming. Now it has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and operation of various types of electronic components such as nickel, manganese zinc ferrite soft magnetic materials and inductance coils. 

2007 Year


18 Term

National invention patent


Favorable policy news frequently emerged, and the transformation and upgrading of the electronic component industry accelerated

On April 8, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that it would quickly study and introduce a number of major industrial policies in key areas such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, biology and e-commerce. The announcement of this news has opened a new round of overall development of China's electronic information industry in the future. This policy indicates that the transformation and upgrading of the electronic component industry, as the basic industry of the electronic information industry, will accelerate. With the continuous expansion of the domestic electronic component industry and the increasingly fierce market competition, the external environment faced by the electronic component industry in the past two years is not optimistic, and a series of severe tests are compressing the profit space of enterprises. Faced with this situation, many enterprises rely on technological innovation to drive their development, so as to achieve transformation and upgrading, and meet challenges by expanding innovative technologies, reducing costs and other ways. When a new round of favorable industrial policies is about to be introduced, the company maintains sufficient confidence. The person in charge of the enterprise said: "If the enterprise wants to win, it must have its own 'trump card', that is, it must have its own technology. We will still adhere to the ODM route to meet challenges." It is reported that Crick Technology will continue to invest in R&D in the next step, and gain advantages through independent R&D, so as to maintain rapid growth. The electronic component industry is an industry encouraged by the state. As early as April 2009, the State Council issued the Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Electronic Information Industry, which established the electronic information industry as a "strategic, basic and leading pillar industry of the national economy". For the electronic component industry, according to the relevant provisions of the state, it can enjoy many preferential policies given by the state. In terms of import and export tariffs, most of China's electronic component products have been subject to the highest tax rebate rate of 17%, and in 2008, China also increased the export tax rebate rate of electronic component related industries. These preferential policies are conducive to reducing the cost of enterprises and improving the competition of China's electronic products.



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